About Us

Welcome to the webpage of NanoTech lab at the Department of Electrical Engineering of the ITU. The scope of NanoTech lab span over a broad range of emerging areas form fundamental investigations to innovative applications.
NanoTech Lab at ITU, jointly directed by Dr. M. Qasim Mehmood, Dr. Tauseef Tauqeer, Dr. Mujeeb ur Rehman, Dr. Kasif Riaz and Dr. Usman Younis targets broad range of emerging areas form fundamental science to applied side. Fundamental research incorporates areas like Nano-optics, micro/nano-photonics, semiconductors, plasmonic metamaterials, optical interconnects and nano-antennas. The objective of this research is to explore light-matter interaction, to structure light at small scale and to investigate efficient methods of realizing real time applications (based upon these nano-scale interactions) like imaging, lensing, holography, beam steering, high data rate optical communication and optical manipulation etc.
On the applied side, focus of the lab is towards multidisciplinary approaches to develop innovative solutions for local community such as wireless health monitoring system, low-cost biomedical sensors for metabolic monitoring applications and reconfigurable antennas etc.