ITU OSA Student Chapter

OSA (Optical Society of America) is a very prestigious international platform for the exchange, collection and dissemination of knowledge in optics and photonics. NanoTech Lab has successfully established a student chapter of OSA at ITU under the supervision of Dr. Muhammad Qasim Mehmood. As a newly emerging society, the ITU OSA Student chapter is the growing legacy of those who seek to learn, discover and innovate by creating, promoting and sustaining a multifaceted platform for Optics, Photonics, and Metamaterials. This chapter will allow its members to stay updated about the state of the art research ideas. This chapter is also creating strong ties with other national and international academic and technical research groups in the form of seminars, lecture series, invited talks and workshops. ITU OSA Student chapter’s future vision is to organize symposiums, regular visits and tours to some of the latest engineering complexes, to facilitate hands-on experience.

A detailed report on OSA-ITU student chapter 2019 activities and events can be found in the link below: