By Qasim 2 years ago

This project targets an emerging area of ultrathin structures (i.e., thickness << wavelength) named metasurfaces, which provide an avenue to replace the bulk optical components (like lenses, spiral phase plates, waveguides, wavelplates etc) with two highly efficient dimensional (2D) nanostructures. Development of such two-dimensional optical components find applications in integrated photonics. The mandate of this project also includes the exploration of new possible dielectric materials which can be employed for such flat optical nano-devices. The purpose is not only to provide an alternative to novel metals but also to exhibit elevated performance in terms of transmission efficiency. Design and simulations of nanostructured devices to unveil different optical phenomena such as lensing, imaging, holography, polarization etc are performed in ITU. Corresponding fabrications and characterizations of these devices are carried-out overseas (in POSTECH and in NUS). This project is led by Dr. Qaism and so far, he along with his staff/students/collaborators, has published 7 journal papers including at prestigious venues such Advanced Materials (IF ≈ 17.5), Advanced Functional Materials (IF ≈ 13), Advanced Optical Materials (IF ≈ 5) and Scientific Reports (IF ≈ 5).